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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 24, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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going down to a half mile and that's why delays continue, even though there's fewer flights at this time of the day and the visibility is just fine farther to the south. we continue to seat delays at philadelphia international. we'll see when that's going to improve and it will, big changes coming in the next 24 hours with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. let's see how weather is complicating travel. >> christine madella is along the schuylkill expressway in philadelphia. give us an update on conditions where you are. >> wet, slippery roads are an issue but the delays are actually getting better here on 76 westbound approaching the boulevard, plus the good news is, 676 is open after it was closed for hours. >> i'mf7&t1 an out-of-town driv. ֖ around. it's complete chaos. >> reporter: matt davis is from boyertown. he doesn't drive in and around center city much. finding his way around this mother's major crash and delays
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was difficult. >> cars all over the place, switching over, going all over the place. >> this crash shut down 676 west delays and confusion, even for folks who drive that route every day. >> it's crazy. you think you know the back roads and short cuts, seems like everybody else knew them, too. it don't matter. keep on going and do the best you can. >> reporter: at 30th street station, the biggest delay we saw was from philadelphia to new orleans. passengers had to wait more than two hours. geraldine hopkins is from atlantic city. >> it's beautiful, the train trip. it's lovely. >> reporter: everything on time, no delays? >> no, 25 minutes late but that's okay. >> reporter: you don't mind? >> no. >> reporter: not going to take the holiday spirit away. >> not at all. not at all. thankful to be here, thankful to be going there. i'm very blessed. >> reporter: most of the travelers we talked to said they actually prefer the rain over snow when they're trying to get around in this kind of weather.
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reporting live, christine madella, nbc 10 news. and because of the rain, many drivers are proceeding with caution on this christmas eve. our live skycam network shows us the situation on interstate 95 in south philadelphia. we have hundreds of cameras throughout the area for you. >> let's get a first alert traffic update from nbc 10's keith jones. how's it looking? >> you saw skyforce 10 out there. rain on the wind shield, the windshield wipers going at a high rate of sppq". let's check out king of prussia mall for all you procrastinators out there. not too much fog in this area, montgomery county. as i advance this camera across the delaware river, this is cherry hill. the cherry hill mall, you see the drivers are coming by, this is 295 heading southbound. the reflection of the pavement, you know it's wet. take your time. by the way, low clouds. you can't see that on this
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camera. delayed flights all day at philadelphia international. the second straight day of cancellations and delays due to bad weather. right now,#du delays are about hour. stay with nbc 10 and for the latest on traffic. i'll see you back here about 20, 25 minutes or so as they're changing the cameras behind me to show a different location. more rain and their contending with fog. drive safe. jim? >> keith, thank you. we have breaking news in new castle county to tell you about right now. a car has driven into a nursing home in hockessin. the car drove right into the lobby and crews right now are working to free a person who's trapped there. nbc 10 has a crew on the way to the scene. as soon as we know more, of course, we will let you know. >> christians around the world are celebrating the night jesus christ was born. this is a live look from the vatican where pope francis is celebrating midnight mass on christmas eve. it is just after 9:00 p.m. local
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time there. thousands of people gathering at st. peters basilica for the pope's blessing. this is his second celebration as pontiff. this is a look at our lady of lords parish in the overbrook farms section of phil(q0t$ia. the parish will also celebrate a traditional midnight mass tonight. ♪ "hark the herald angels sing ♪ >> and nothing says christmas eve quite like carolling. nbc 10 at the first baptist church in center city where the noon service began with carols on the front steps, followed by a christmas lunch for the homeless. and 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with that last-minute shopping. >> don't look at me. >> are you guilty? >> guilty. whether you enjoy this adrenaline rush or if you forgot to buy a gift for someone, a lot of people making the mad dash to grocery stores and the malls. time is not on their side,
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right, jacqueline? cydney long is live at the deptford mall. >> are you a little guilty or a lot guilty? >> just a little bit. >> are you seeing desperation on the faces of shoppers out there? >> i think we're all a little bitd@b:n guilty. the as soon as is, yes, jacqueline. for those procrastinators, they just waved us by. it is a challenge for most of them to cross everything off their list. the silver lining in all of this is that the crowds here at least at the deptford mall are beginning to thin out. malls across our region, they will close their doors just two hours from now this christmas eve at 6:00. >> with sale signs and shoppers galo galore, hundreds are shopping until the last possible minute this christmas eve, some anxious for last-minute markdowns, others didn't have a day after from work till now. a shopping spree that began weeks ago, some are just getting started, and we spoke to them just after lunch time. >> mostly my çfamily, my mom,
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dad, brothers, both my brothers. i'm shopping for myself. i find myself -- you only have c couple hours left. >> really? >> finally we get a moment. i'm a school teacher also. we didn't get out of school till yesterday. here we are today shopping, doing our last-minute running around. >> reporter: and shoppers here tell me the better the sale, the longer the line at the checkout but the more they are spending here this afternoon. so right now t minus two hours and counting. i'll tell you, if little ones are part of your list and the toys are up across the street from the deptford mall, it stays open until 9:00 tonight, that's the toys "r" us across the street from the deptford mall. >> and today's rain didn't put a damper on a holiday tradition. with umbrellas in tow, people enjoyed a free cannolli while
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standing in line. the owner greeted customers. >> it's a tradition that will never stop. my father did it before me, now i'm doing it. >> they have been in south philadelphia for more than 90 years. you still have a chance to pick up your treats. they're open until 6:00 tonight. and the line wrapped average this store at serpe and sons bakery. they get their breads, cakes and cookies. bakers worked as quickly as they could to keep up with customer demand. >> i have to come here to get our rolls and rye bread and the big things of pizza. >> some customers say it pays to call in your order ahead of time but they say the bakery can still get you what you need even minute. ñ something help today from some local school girls. pgh cheer to deserving families in
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our area. nbc 8xç10's rosemary connors li this afternoon in nicetown. >> rosemary, you were able to be a part of their workshop before they headed out on their mission to help neighbors in need. >> jacqueline and jim, it was a pretty impressive operation at nazareth academy where the students, staff and parents raised money to buy presents for 200 children. organizers tell me it's because every kid deserves a christmas. with good friends and good cheer, the students at nazareth academy, the all-girls high school in the northeast, got together on this christmas eve to play santa and his elves, dressing the part right down to the curly white beard. >> these are going to go like this. >> reporter: sister mary anthony might be rudolph in this operation, guiding the girls on their mission. >> it's just really a beautiful gift of christmas. you know, a lot of][h times pe lose the christmas spirit but this is what it's about, it's the gift of the heart. >> people don't always remember the poor and the less fortunate. it takes a whole school to find
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a need and reach out to it. >> this is the spirit of christmas. >> reporter: after a blessing to be respectful -- >> i'll take tiffany johnson. >> reporter: the girls gathered the gifts and went about their merry way to spread kindness to families who need it. >> do you want to say something or you want to openç it. >> i want to open mine. >> reporter: this is what it's all about. >> coming up at 5:00, you'll meet the garland family who participated in nazareth academy's operation santa claus and opened up their home to the students and to us on this christmas eve. reporting live in their neighborhood, in nicetown, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. and we continue to watch first alert doppler radar ahead of your holiday plans, a lot of green there on your screen. the first alert team is tracking rain and chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz will have an update coming up in a
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few minutes. in the meantime, nbc 10 has new information on a story we brought to you exclusively yesterday at 4:00. >> more women are coming forward claiming an atlantic county doctor touched them inappropriately at his office. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg broke the story. >> we heard about three alleged victims. how many women say they are victims as well? >> reporter: well, jim and jackie, police tell me their phones started to ring just minutes after our first report went on the air. now more than ten additional women have come forward to say they also are victims. >> it happened to myself also. >> reporter: she's among a growing number of people claiming they, too, were inappropriately touched by egg harbor township neurologist saeedo joffrey at his medical practice. >> he told me i had a pinched nerve. when he showed me, he went
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underneath my dress. >> reporter: soon after joffrey was arrested and charged with criminal sexual contact for allegations involving three female patients, we brought you this story. have you ever molested your patients? >> no. >> reporter: following the initial report, police say well over ten additional women contacted them with similar allegations. >> ever since you first ran the news we started receiving phone calls and then we received phone calls throughout the evening and we've had people come in. >> i thought i was the only one. i didn't know he was doing it to other patients. >> reporter: detectives tell me many of the other women are saying the same thing. >> do you anticipate additional charges? >> yes. >> reporter: joffrey was released after posting $25,000 bail last night. no one answered the door at his house today. but when i called on the phone, a woman said the family had no comment. >> it's not true. >> reporter: joffrey's wife defended her husband immediately after his arrest. she's a physician at the same
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practice and was in the office when we went back today but refused to talk about the allegations. >> no comment. call the cops or leave the premises. >> to me it would be a total violation because you trust your doctor. >> reporter: i spoke with dr. shx÷joffrey's lawyer today he refused to comment as well. live in egg harbor township, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news.(pot philadelphia police need to cat armed robbers, surveillance z frye's mini-mart in kensington. after getting the money, the robbers took off. a hit and run driver still behind the wheel nearly 24 hours after killing a woman as she crossed the street in northeast philadelphia. >> today the victim's family made a plea to nbc 10 news to find that driver. nbc 10 investigative reporter mitch blocker is live in the digital operations center. >> tell us what kind of evidence do police have to go on at this
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point? >> teresa posey, 33 years old, she was killed last night as you said in northeast philadelphia. witnesses say she was hit so hard that her body was flung down the street. >> if anyone can please help us find whoever it was who did this to my daughter, we'd be greatly appreciate it. >> anna posey can only ask for help and share her gratitude. tuesday night she got the news no parent wants to hear. >> i'm numb. i'm just so numb. it's every mother's nightmare. >> reporter: police say a speeding tow truck tore down state road in northeast philadelphia last night and met teresa posey as she crossed the street. >> i saw her like walk up to the center line and then she was gone. >> reporter: lynn was on her way home. >> whoever the driver was, he knew they hit her. and she -- because you heard the
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impact. you heard the thump. you heard -- you just know. i don't know how anybody could do that. >> reporter: police say they are looking for a black tow truck. but no license plate or company name, state road is lined with businesses, some with cameras. police say they are searching to see if any of them captured the tow truck. >> there were no brake lights. >> reporter: kathy saw the hit and run herself she rushed to posey's side. >> i ran up to her to see if she was conscious, if her airway was where she could breathe and try to keep her warm and comfortable. she was very injured. >> i do want to thank the people who stayed with my daughter. i appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. it does give me a little comfort to know my daughter was not left alone on the side of the road. >> now, again, we don't know much about that tow truck. we know it was black or dark in color and also has front-end
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damage. live in the digital operations center, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. cumberland county day care is now out of business one month after a 15-month-old boy drown in a gold fish pond (i)e. according to the south jersey times, the owner of sunshine day care in millville was in violation of state licensing laws. no charges have been filed but the case is still under investigation. new from our delaware bureau this afternoon, investigators say a fire that left six families in wilmington homeless want an accident. the state fire marshall says sunday night's fire ahere at the valley run apartments on butter nut lane started when someone used their stove to heat a second floor unit that stove caught fire and led to the apartment's partial collapse. the mayor of a suburb of st. louis, missouri, is call for calm after a white police officer shot a black teenager overnight. this is security camera video of the incident. police say an officer was questioning 18-year-old antonio martin and another man about a convenience store theft in berkeley. that's when they say martin
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pointed a gun at the officer. the officer fired three shots, one hitting and killing the teenager. berkeley is located about two miles away from ferguson but berkeley's mayor is rejecting any comparisons to what happened there. >> this is not a policeman in the city of berkeley half cocked going out, as we say, you know, black lives matter. this was not the case.ç this is -- you couldn't even compare this with ferguson or the gardner case in new york. >> the mayor says the city will thoroughly investigate the deadly shooting. back in august, officer darren wilson shot and killed a black teenager in ferguson. michael brown was unarmed at the time. last month a grand jury decided not to indict wilson prompting protests in ferguson and across the country. former president george h.w. bush remains in a houston hospital this afternoon of experiencing shortness of
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breath. the 90-year-old was taken to the hospital, to houston methodist hospital last night as a precaution, he spent the night for observation. the 41st president spent nearly two months at this same hospital two years ago. at that time he was battling bronchitis and an infection. you'll now be able to watch the movie at the center of the sony hacking scandal from the comfort of your living room. >> hello, north korea! >> "the interview" is now available for rental on google play, youtube movies and microsoft's xbox video. this comes one day after sony announced a limited release at movie theaters. two local movie theaters are planning on showing it. penn cinema and westtown movies in middletown will screen "the interview" tomorrow. sony pulled the seth rogen/james franco comedy last week after hackers threatened violence to venues showing the movie. the u.s. says there's no credible evidence of a plot and
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believes north korea was behind it. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with cheat meief meteort glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have fog issues, rain, might have thunderstorms. a foggy evening but that's about it. maybe on aa thunderstorm through the night tonight and a windy/t christmas day. here's i-95 from the sports complex. the visibility still pretty bad. it's not as bad as it was 15 minutes ago. look at the temperature, it's up to[ 60 degrees in philadelphia with that southerly wind, the visibility is a half mile. 60 degrees. and 63 in glassboro. 62 in mt. holly. even allentown's 52, poconos 45. 65 in dover.
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so it's going to get even warmer as we go through the evening. now, the fog still the issue. coatesville near zero. chester county, upper portions of montgomery county have had dense fog over the last few hours. philadelphia international still a half mile. that's causing some delays. and the visibility improving in many areas farther to the south. and that will be a trend toward morning. live radar showing a good bit of rain around, most of it on the light side, until you get down toward the shore. it's all moving to the northeast. we have somewhat drier air by washington. that's just a temporary thing because we have this area to contend with. that is with the cold front and that is moving this way as we go through the evening hours.lhnñ so we have clouds. we have a little bit of drizzle, light rain. as we go through thex later on tonight, here comesç some heavy rain. see that red there? even some thunderstorms possible. in the middle of the night with
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temperatures in the 60s, if you can believe that. by 6:00, 7:00 a.m., the rain is gone. the clouds will quickly follow. we're going to finally see sunshine. remember that? what that looks like? christmas day, a lot of sunshine once we get through the early portion of the day. temperatures holding steady for a while and then falling during the afternoon. and wind gusts to 35 miles an hour. overnight tonight, we've got rain, fog, possibly a thunderstorm. the low by morning 55 but most of the night will be in the 60s, 49 degrees north and west. and the -- tomorrow we'll be seeing a lot of sunshine during the day. the windy day with gusts to 35 miles an hour. and the temperature holding in the 50s. on friday, it's sunny and mild. look at these temperatures. the average highñ is 43. very mild friday, saturday, even sunday mild but that's when we
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get the showers and then it starts turning colder and then we start getting some rain and even snow chances next week. >> all right. dreams really do come true on christmas. >> and we have proof. >> oh, my gosh! >> the surprise delivery on christmas eve that brought a local mom and daughter to tears. we'll show you the unexpected present that arrived right in their front yard. also planning for the pope. today, ironing out the details for the holy father's visit to our area,cy1xq including who wi have francis as their houseguest. and take the day off. the local leader giving workers a bonus day. and why they say that decision will actually save the government some cash.
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a first alert traffic
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update. storm force 10 is patrolling the roads as people make their way to church services, holiday parties and family gatherings. friday is now considered a holiday for nonessential state government workers. those employees also were able to leave work a few hours early today. a state government spokesman said giving the day off saves the state some utility costs. he also added that many employees would have taken friday off anyway. the holy father's visit to philadelphia still months away now. planning for pope francis is picking up during this holiday season. organizers from the world media family say they're tackling issues large and small. everything from housing and transporting more than 1 million expected visitors to buying and storing mass booklets and communion wafers. here's a look at the to-do list as philadelphia gets ready for
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the pope. design and print about 2 million mass booklets in multiple languages, solicit and do background checks on as many as 10,000 volunteers and stock up on millions of communion wafers. pope francis still doesn't have a place to stay by the way. organizers are paying attention to every detail. a spokeswoman says the one thing you think doesn't matter can create a domino effect and cascade. by the numbers now, there's a $45 million budget for preparing for the pope. the world meeting of families expected to generate about $417 million for the region. about 15,000 visitors from 153 countries expected to attend. a big gathering to say the least. fog and rain, what we're dealing with right now. >> two weather problems that could create travel troubles this christmas eve.ç that's our top story on nbc 10 news at 4:00. storm force 10 is live in the elements bringing you real-time
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traffic conditions. we're on route 322 east in chester county. >> yes, it's a warm and wet christmas eve. there's more rain on the way. and then i'm tracking even more ranges for tomorrow. get the details in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert christmas forecast.
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. not a good time to be on the road. this is a live look at the westbound lanes of 76 in philadelphia. a lot of people are trying to get that last-minute shopping done. others are trying to just get to their holiday destinations and some are just trying to make the trek home from work, all of it difficult tonight. the nuisance rain fell all day in delaware, too. nbc 10 in downtown wilmington near 10th and market streets, not exactly the christmas eve
4:31 pm
forecast many people were thinking they would have. >> by the way, if you're getting a reprieve from the rain right now, count on more still to come. take a look at the radar there. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been warning us about the christmas eve rain. >> can't say he didn't tell us. p (t&háhp &hc& fog is really complicating matters, too. >> some places don't have too much of an issue. we have it in philadelphia. this is i-95 near the sports complex and it's not quite as bad as it was an hour ago. i've been telling you for hours that the delays at the airport are likely to get longer and now here it is. 110 minutes. it's almost two-hour delays at philadelphia international. that's partly why this is a first alert day. we have a foggy evening, some heavy rain coming. thunderstorms plus windy weather on christmas day. the radar continues to show the rain through the area. although it's getting drier in maryland. we may get a bit of a break from
4:32 pm
the more significant rain, maybe drizzle. we still have this area to contend with. that's going to bring the heavier rain, maybe even thunderstorms tonight. could see quarter mile visibility in coatesville and still a half mile, philadelphia international. and that's what's causing the %ñ delays. we'll go hour by hour and see when we'll get out of this mess with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> let's go back to storm force 10 which has the roads covered for all of us. this is from 322 in thornburg township. traffic not too heavy here. actually it looks like the rain isn't coming down too heavy right here as well. the roads, you can see they are wet. see the reflection on the pavement. take it easy as you travel for the holidays. be safe. we want you to get where you're going safely. >> let's check in with keith jones. you've been monitoring traffic across new jersey, delaware and pennsylvania as well as the airport. >> it's slow going in most spots. take your time out there.
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nbc 10 has you covered. let's start in king of prussia, 422 behind me, the left side of your screen is the eastbound side. not too much traffic around the king of prussia mall. but what you do see again as jim pointed out, the reflection of the roadways. take your time out there. transitioning to our second camera in cherry hill, this is 295 where it meets route 70, again, not too difficult a ride out here. want to slow down conditions might be difficult. there is fog to contend with and also some rain. speaking of the rain, the fog, they've delayed flights all day at philadelphia international. it's the second straight day of cancellations and delays due to bad weather. right now, delays are about 110 minutes. that was the update from glenn "hurricane" schwartz who said it's all about the clouds and the fog out çthere. stay with nbc 10 as we continue to monitor these traffic cameras and bring you live pictures from all around the area. jim? let's forget about the headaches for a moment.
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this is a live look at christmas vigil mass taking place in the overbrook section of philadelphia. the parish will celebrate a traditional midnight mass coming up tonight. and thousands of christians gathered in bethlehem's manger square today for christmas eve celebrations. many listened to marching bands before attending mass. visitors said they hope the peace of the season will spread throughout the region. there's a lot going on in a local pennsylvania town that just happens to be the namesake of jesus' birth place. >> nbc 10 lehigh valley bureau reporter ra erandy gyllenhall i in bethlehem, pennsylvania. is the rain having an impact on christmas city usa? >> it is wet and warm and doesn't feel much like winter but if there's any city in the country that can keep the christmas spirit alive, it is here in bethlehem, pennsylvania,
4:35 pm
jimmed after the town of jesus' birth. of the holiday. it's christmas eve in bethlehem as moravian churchgoers attend church. we're standing where they settled initially? >> that's correct. >> reporter: historians say the settlers got here quite fittingly on christmas eve. it was a cold night and the group's leader held a church service inside a local stable. >> their leader named bethlehem christmas eve -- on christmas eve of 1741 is when he christened it bethlehem. >> reporter: over the next 273 years, that name would stick and bethlehem came to be known as christmas city, usa. ♪ jingle bell rock today the spirit of the holiday is deeply engrained in local
4:36 pm
culture and lure. >> christmas is a big deal here. >> reporter: it's one of the biggest draws all year. at the historic hotel bethlehem, almost no room at the inn. that church service still full of maravian culture and on main street, despite the downpour, the little town of bethlehem was clearly bustling with christmas spirit. >> it makes it a beautiful place to be. when you think of christmas, you think of bethlehem. >> reporter: while the town is busy tonight, many people would rather prefer to be 20 degrees colder, turn this rain into snow but unfortunately we are not going to be having a white christmas in bethlehem, pennsylvania. live in the lehigh valley, randy gyllenhall, nbc 10 news. happening now, santa is on his way. the jolly old elf has left the north pole. his destination, millions of homes all ais kro -- across the globe christmas eve. look at him go.
4:37 pm
he does not need gps. they know exactly where they're going. some special volunteers are monitoring santa claus as he makes his christmas eve flight. the north american aerospace tracking the jolly ain't st. nick right now. if you'reç wondering where he , well, take a look, santa and his nine reindeer making their way across the globe. norad says technology and social media have become key to tracking santa. volunteers will spend today answering phone calls and e-mails from children wondering just when santa claus is coming to town. right now we are told that he is in france. so maybe he'll pick up a croissant before he heads on to his next location. croissant and cookies, not a bad combination. see exactly where he is all night long using the app from your phone. if you don't have it already, you can download it right now to
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your smartphone or tablet. all you have to do is go to for that app. that is completely free in the app store. it is arguably the world's most famous christmas tree, a live look from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york. many people taking in the sight of this beautiful christmas tree. >> it is a beautiful sight. >> it is, isn't it? never gets old. the pain from childhood that can haunt you as an adult. >> nbc 10 has the new findings. also, a surprise from santa. love this story. a local mom and daughter getting a holiday delivery at their home but they have no idea what's about to happen next that brings them to tears. you're going to see it for yourself. >> just can't imagine a dog going through that kind of trauma. >> the pooch that took a plunge. how sammy the dog managed to survive a 15-story fall from a building.
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a new report is bringing attention to the lasting impact of child abuse. researchers at the university of toledo say kids who were abused or neglects have a greater risk for migraines later in life. experts say these findings prove that mistreatment during childhood can have long-lasting mental and physical affects. kansas hass)nx been named t sickest state of 2014. that's according to a company u analyzed illness reports on social media. idaho and new york tied for the healthiest states this year. one k/jd from our area ranked on either list, that was new jersey. some christmas gifts can't be purchased at a store. >> one local family will definitely tell you that themselves. >> oh, my gosh! >> they received some nice gifts from santa but couldn't even hold on to them when a surprise
4:43 pm
present appeared right outside of their home. don't leave the house tonight for church services or holiday parties without hearing my forecast. i'll tell you how long the rain will stick around, what you can expect when you wake up on christmas morning. my nbc 10 first alert holiday forecast. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, change is coming to the pennsylvania turnpike. what could replace the mile-long tunnels in the western part of the state and when drivers could see a new route.
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in the spirit of holiday giving, governor jack markell, his wife carla and their two children helped feed the hungry in delaware, the state's first couple served meals at the ministry of caring emanuel dining room in wilmington today. the program provides about 550 meals a day for the homeless in new castle county.
4:47 pm
santa claus has been busy delivering gifts to children all over the world today. >> santa's making time for a swim at the adventure aquarium road. he does it all. scuba santa surprised several children when he made a splash along some of the aquarium's sea creatures today. there he is. he has a suit on, beard intact and everything. there's a special light show as well. catch scuba santa and other holiday characters at the aquarium now through new year's day. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's been a rainy and foggy day butç there will be changes over the next 24 hours. that dense fog causing traffic delays, airport delays, a foggy evening ahead. the rain will be increasing again, becoming heavy at times, maybe even thunderstorms in the middle of the night and a windy christmas day. but look at this.
4:48 pm
an hour ago you couldn't see anything and now, we're getting a better and better view of the philadelphia skyline. the visibility has improved dramatically just in the last 15 minutes as the temperature continues to rise. it's 62 degrees now. we're close to a record for this date. the wind south/southwest, visibility has improved to 5 miles at philadelphia international. now, the poconos, this is blue mounta mountain. still snow on the slopes but it's way too warm. it's been raining. after that great start they got in november, things really changed. look at that, 46 degrees with not very good skiing conditions there. 50 in allentown, 55 in blue bell. let's see how warm it gets, 62 in philly but 63 in mt. holly, washington township. 63 in wrightstown. only 52 in trenton. look at this, mid-60s in southern delaware.
4:49 pm
and it's christmas eve. visibility is improved in the poconos, too. but it will not improve in coatesville in western chester county, just won't do it. it's improving at philadelphia international, that's for sure, as a warm front has come through. visibility still low in northeast philly. we'll watch that visibility change, too. see how much it's improved and delaware and south jersey, that's a pretty good sign for later on tonight. the rain is especially at the shore. we've got a break in most of the area but this is going to be providing the heavier rain as we go into the late night hours. not a whole lot going on throug drizzle perhaps but by later to tonight, when many of you are asleep, heavy rain, maybe even thunderstorms waking up some folks in the middle of the night. and then by day break, it is out of 0l2here. the clouds may be around but not
4:50 pm
for long. we're going to see the sun again tomorrow. rain and fog, the rain becoming heavier with possible thunderstorms in the middle of the night. 55 by morning. but we're in the 60s mostvn]z oe night. becoming sunny, windy tomorrow. gusts to 35 miles an hour. the temperatures in the 50s well above average for this time of the year. the average high is only 43. look at these numbers for the next several days, all the way through the weekend. sunshine friday and saturday but some showers coming on sunday. and then the pattern changes and we get into the cold weather and we have a threat of wintry mix along with the rain on monday and maybe some snow by new year's eve. it's going to be way different new year's eve than christmas eve. >> perhaps a snowy 2015. >> yes, possibly. but at the very least it will be way colder, maybe 30, 35 degrees
4:51 pm
colder than christmas eve. >> it's unbelievable how mild the temperatures are out there vz. >> we're near records for today. we'll be near record for o as well. >> all right, glenn, thank you. well, apparently cats aren't the only ones with nine lives. this 13-year-old boston terrier lucky to be alive this afternoon. he fell off a 15th floor balcony in sacramento, california. sammy's his name. he first fell to a floor below but he couldn't hold on. what happened next is a miracle. >> a little bit to the east of this balcony is a pool and a hot tub. the dog went directly into the hot tub. >> and get this, sammy was able to pull himself out of the hot tub despite a cracked pelvis and broken ribs. he's now recovering at an animal hospital. >> sammy is strong. >> yes. he's one strong up. . >> christmas came a bit early for one local family. >> with it came the element of surprise.
4:52 pm
>> this is the best christmas present ever. >> hi, buddy. >> they did not see it coming. nbc 10 is thereúqas that unexpected gift arrives and brings one family to tears. ♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows. ♪
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♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪
4:55 pm
tears of joy flowed right down the faces of one south jersey family this christmas eve. >> all because of a surprise that played out in their gloucester county front yard. we have the top secret christmas eve delivery. >> this storm will warm a lot of hearts on this rainy holiday. >> this is a day the family will never forget. rick maxy wasn't expected home for christmas.
4:56 pm
twas the day before christmas, a maxy family of three, mine dus dad incomplete. not knowing they wait for a plan in disguise, santa's appearance was only part of the surprise. >> i came from the?gi% north poo >> reporter: thousands of miles st. nicholas could travel but these boxes are empty. it all starts to unravel. the marine wasn't home, they spend months apart, on this day, a blessing suddenly warms their heart. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: on this christmas hold tight like young alexa and young rick, don't forget about family and clever st. nick. >> this is the best christmas present ever. >> rick was only granted seven
4:57 pm
days to travel to and from home in gloucester county this christmas. it will certainly be a memorable one for his family and the gibbstown fight-- firefighters involved. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> first up, rain, fog and the christmas eve rush. we'll check back in on conditions across area roads, plus how the weather is impacting flights at the airport. >> new information about the school guidance counselor who threatened to harm these anti-police violence protesters. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. ♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows. ♪
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4:59 pm
♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along.
5:00 pm
♪ now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00, soggy and foggy, light rain continues to fall across the area and thick fog is building, too. to making travel this christmas eve a challenge. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now. glenn, it sure doesn't feel like ek outside. how long will the rain and fog stick r%2÷[around? >> the rain will stick around for much of the night. the follow, that condition is really improving from the philadelphia area southward as you can see, i-95 at 4:00 when barely see that road from the sports complex. and now things have improved. but we have heavy rain on the way, maybe even thunderstorms overnight tonight. we have a very windy christmas


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